Questions and Answers on MultiSplitter

Which settings must I make in MultiSplitter?

Once you have installed the software, select your own webcam under "Video Source" so that the image can be fed to other applications. In these applications, select MultiSplitter as image source, NOT your own webcam. Use the other settings, such as resolution, frame rate, scale or the advanced settings, to adapt the image that is to be displayed.

Does MultiSplitter have an auto update functionality?

Yes! When the MultiSplitter is active and connected to the internet, it checks regularly whether a new version is available. This way, you can always be sure to be up to date. The "Menu / About Us" menu item displays the number of the installed version and you can compare manually it to the most recent one on Should the AutoUpdate feature not have worked, all you need to do is install the latest version over the existing one.

Can I deactivate the auto start function?

The "Menu" item or the context menu in the task bar (right mouse click on the icon) will display the "Start with Windows" option. By unselecting the checkbox, you can deactivate the MultiSplitter's auto start feature. We do not recommend disabling the auto start function, though, as this means your MultiSplitter service is not constantly available and you cannot feed the video signal to several applications at a time.

What does it cost to use MultiSplitter?

Downloading and using the Basic version of the MultiSplitter is free of charge. We are currently planning the development of a professional version with additional functionality which will be available separately.

Are my live images transmitted to an external MultiSplitter service?

No! Nothing you transmit via MultiSplitter can be intercepted by us or any third party. With MultiSplitter, your privacy is protected!

Is MultiSplitter comparable to Webcamsplitter, Manycam or Splittcam?

In principle, yes. All these products feed to live image signal to several applications. Quality makes the difference, as do the available features (each to their own in terms of how many gimmicks you need) and prices. MultiSplitter (Basic) is completely free of charge / freeware and can be used as frequently or in as many instances as you like without registration or limitation, and images can be fed to as many applications as you wish, their number is unlimited.

What does the powersavingmode

If the camera driver isn't actively used by the multi splitter, the camera gets deactivated and uses less power. Additionaly the blocking of the camera driver through other software isn't possible.